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                   The Healing Arts




                 Stories and music for health and wellbeing.....


                 Working with individuals in a group collaboration

                 This is about helping people to voice and express                    their own experiences, within the context of the                        whole.  By collecting individual memories and                          stories on a particular theme, and weaving them

                 together, we can help create and perform a story                    that is meaningful to both the individuals

                 concerned and their shared collective experiences.

                 Having the opportunity to express and share                            personal stories can be hugely empowering

                 for many individuals, especially for older people

                 who can often feel invisible and unvalued.
















                 Workshops using stories and music.....


                 We use story to facilitate personal exploration

                 and development. Using the story as a

                 springboard, we encourage participants to

                 explore its resonance, both individually  and

                 collectively, responding with imagery, words,

                 music and other arts media.


                 With our backgrounds as arts therapists we

                 are both experienced in facilitating therapeutic

                 groups, so we are able to offer a safe and

                 contained space for this  groupwork. 

     The Firebird/ Russian Folktale
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