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Beira, Queen of Winter

There are those who say that the unique Scottish landscape was created by Beira - also known as Beira Cailleach, Beira goddess, and Beira Queen of Winter.

A story adapted by Siân Jones with original music by Annie Sheppard.

The sun’s sweet warmth is fading and the evenings are dark

Despite our deepest longings summer’s beauty cannot last

Now the air has turned colder, we strive to be bolder

As we gather round the fireside and prepare for winter’s fast.


3 days before her reign begins, Beira whips up a mighty storm,

A roaring whirlpool twixt the western Isles, the corrie-vreckan to wash her shawl,

Trampled in foaming waters, laid to dry upon the mountains,

3 days gone, she lifts it to reveal the first snowfalls of the year,


Fierce as the biting winds and as harsh as stormy seas,

Look up to the mountains and you’ll see her

Standing fearsome and proud, her shawl around her shoulders

Dark Beira brings winter once more 

Dark Beira brings winter once more 

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