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When Connie uncovers bones in her garden, she unearths much more than that. She discovers a story from the 17th Century about Thomas and Millie. Growing up together in a small community they took the parallel paths of folklore medicine and blacksmithing. both were mysterious arts at that time, but one was respected the other steeped in suspicion. 

While Thomas's life was well known and celebrated within his community, even after her death Millie's voice remained unheard. this is the first time her story has been told, yet hers could well be that of thousands of other women who too were hunted down and tried for witchcraft. There was an unstoppable thirst for punishing such women in these dark times. 

Storyteller and musician Annie Sheppard weaves their fictional stories together , provoking questions about the nature of good and evil, of truth, trauma, judgement and justice. 

Performances in 2021 have so far been in private houses with small groups. Should you be interested in booking a private performance for friends and family, please contact Annie using the contact form.

Further public performances TBD .


Join us for a playful and creative afternoon of storytelling, embodiment and Bear Magic as we prepare to listen deeply for new stories, and let go of the old ones that no longer serve us.  In this immersive and online workshop, we will learn how to nurture our dreams of change for ourselves.

Sunday 18th October 2020  3.30 – 6.30pm
Cost £28 / Concessions £14 (earlybird tickets before Sept 30th £20/£10)


LOST TO THE SEA is an original story with music and songs, set in the landscape of the jurassic coast.  It is written by Annie and developed and  performed in collaboration with Alex Sandys.

Our first performance took place on February 26th at the Story Circle. Roebuck Inn near Forest Row, Sussex

Sadly the following dates in 2020 were cancelled due to Covid 19.

May 30th. Storytelling Hut at Emerson College, Forest Row. 

 July 17th. Sweet Venues, Brighton 

We will be publishing further dates in the future 

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