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Collaborating with Siân Jones

Weaving together stories and music I work with Siân Jones to create imaginative and magical pieces of performance. Our work is inspired by and rooted in mythology and folklore. We also draw on our own and other people’s personal experiences, the ups and downs of living in this world today.

Siân adapts the story, and I write original songs and music. Together we bring the stories alive in performance, to give a vibrant, engaging and enjoyable experience relevant to a modern day audience.Our stories vary in length, from only a few minutes, to a full hour.      

Let us entertain you.....

We have been doing performances in the Brighton and Worthing areas since we started working together in 2013. If you would like us to perform at your event, we are happy to receive invitations and bookings. 

Bespoke performance…..

We can also work with individuals to create a personal story to mark a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary.  Group events/ ceremonies..We can choose and perform stories to enhance and emphasise key moments at group events.

An example of this, is when we performed the story of how coyote brought fire to the humans’ to accompany the ritual of lighting the fire at the start of a ceremonial weekend gathering.  (Shamanicamp 2014)

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