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'Lost to the Sea' is an original story, written by Annie Sheppard and developed together with Alex Sandys. Set in the landscape of the jurassic coast, and the Orkney Isles, it is performed with original music and song. 

We enjoyed our first performance on February 26th 2020 at the Story Circle. Roebuck Inn near Forest Row, Sussex

 May 30th. Storytelling Hut at Emerson College, Forest Row. 

 July 17th. Sweet Venues, Brighton

"Peering into rockpools one day, Rosie finds a beautiful sea green stone.’ Careful’ says her brother Wills. “Stealing from the sea is bad luck” 

As a story of tragedy and loss unfolds, Brenda wonders if it was true, that taking the stone was at the root of these awful events. As she walks the rugged paths of the Jurassic coast, she struggles to come to terms with her loss. 

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A folk story, based on an ancient mythology from the Orkney Islands, tells the story of a young woman abducted by an evil sorcerer, a fin man, and taken to a land beneath the sea. As she arranges beautiful green stones into mosaics, she wonders if she will ever free herself from his dark power. 

As the stories interweave, floating together and occasionally touching, we find ourselves immersed in the inbetween, with glimpses of the ‘otherworld’. 

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