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MILLIE'S STORY is an original story, written in 2021and now in 2022 it is being performed with original music and songs by Annie Sheppard 


Thank you to all the participants who made this online workshop so enjoyable.  

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Thank you to everyone who came to the first telling of the newest version of Lost to the Sea on Wednesday at the Roebuck at Wych Cross, and to Chris and Maria who invited us to perform it at their monthly storytelling circle. It was a lovely evening and we really appreciated the generous feedback. 

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My latest collaboration is with Alex Sandys, called Lost to the Sea.

See 'Current Projects' for the performance dates so far.

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One  of our memorable performances of 'The Kingdom of the Sea' was an afternoon spent at the home for Blind Veterans just outside Brighton. 

                 On April 21st Sian and I will be performing our latest story                        'The Kingdom of the Sea' at the Jukebox Theatre at the Iron                       Duke,Brighton. Tickets are available from                                               

                 Learn the sacred art of Shamanic Journeying. Karen smith and                  I are running a course at Evolution Arts. 7-9pm on Friday                            evenings from February 24th 2017. For more information and                  to book a place go to                                                                                    


                  On Friday December 9th the Firefairy Storytellers will be                             telling more tales at the Iron Duke pub.   

                  Jonathon Haines and other musicians will provide                                       songs and tunes to get our feet talking. Kick off is 7.30 for                         8pm

                  On Saturday October 8th 2016 Firefairy Storytellers are                             holding an evening of short stories and music at the Iron                           Duke pub in Brighton. We are all storytellers  who met at the                     International School of Storytelling in Forest  Row, Sussex. We                   will be telling stories to 'delight and inspire'! 



                  Sometimes you may feel the world is overwhelming                                   and wonder what you can do. Inspired by a short                                         story that arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago I  

                  have written a song called 'Starfish'.

                  I have been collaborating with musician Jon Haines. He too                       has written a new song. It is called Chalk Hill Blues, and we                       have recorded both songs together.








                 August 2015.

                 We are excited about our latest project, inspired by                                      the stories we heard at this year's Festival At The Edge. 

                 Sian and I are creating a new story with music.

                 It is the story of three generations of women

                 who have become disconnected from themselves

                 and eachother, uprooted and unanchored.

                 As they journey to reconnect, nature and the wild

                 landscape of the Jurassic coast becomes their guide.

                 We will incorporate a third aspect for this project,

                 using a backdrop of projected images created by                                          photographer Roger LLewellyn Williams.




                 Secret shore Songs Workshops-, a project by

                 the the South Downs Society.

                 I am joining a host of singers in Shoreham,

                 to learn traditional sea shanties from this area.

                 For more information visit their

                 website at



                 Check out an ongoing project run by the

                 Underfall boatyard in Bristol. Volunteers are

                 collecting stories from people who worked at,

                 or have memories of the boatyard. As themes                                              begin to emerge, they may reveal how they

                 might form a larger story.

                 The aim is to create an interactive story with                                                  music that will be performed at the new

                 visitor centre that is being developed.





                 In December 2014 we performed our winter story                                      called ‘Dark Beira’ at the Open House, Brighton.

                 Beira was the Mother of all the gods and goddesses                                    in Scotish mythology. She was a one-eyed giantess                                      who built the mountains of Scotland using a magic                                      hammer.......




                 Siân and I were invited to put together a                                                        collection of environmental stories for ShamaniCamp,                                a weekend festival in Devon in August 2014

                 We performed these stories throughout the weekend,

                 combining them with ceremony, ritual and dancing.





               We were asked to create a programme of short                                            stories with music, as part of an outdoor evening of                                    music, story and poetry organised as a charitable                                        fundraising event in Worthing.Despite the rain we all

               had a great time inbetween the showers.




                 The first story created in collaboration with Siân was

                 Svetlana, a folk tale from Georgia, which we performed

                 at the Iron Duke in Brighton during the Christmas

                 festivities of 2013.Svetlana sets out on a journey wearing                          stone shoes, to search for a cure for her brother who has                          been struck down with an illness for many months.                                    Our story was followed with songs and music from                                      guest musicians, including Gordon from Ded Effnic,                                    Ian Tracy and Jon Haines. 


                 Siân and I performed our first story and music together

                 to the elderly residents of the Star and Garter care

                 homes, as part of their social programme.

                 (October 2013)


                        All photos, images and music are copyrighted

and can not be used without permission

  'Starfish' by Annie Sheppard
'Chalk Hill Blues' by Jon Haines
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