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Mimizoku, the story of an ancestor

A story/song performance created for Brighton Festival Open Houses, as a personal  response to Bruno Sibona's exhibition of ceramic sculptures

Mimizoku is on a journey to find his ‘Ikigai’. Annie’s original short stories, woven with Japanese folktales, bring his adventures to life.

Dogu Mimizoku had lain quiet during the winter months. Buried deep in the earth, cradled in moss and covered in leaves it was as snug as any eiderdown. When spring arrived bursting with new life he felt restless, he’d been too long still.
He unearthed himself and went down to the beach where he collected driftwood and made himself a small boat, a coracle. He drifted out to sea, content to surrender to the random winds, currents and tides that would take him somewhere......’

To this day we don’t know the exact function of the Dogus, these prehistoric ceramic figures of the Jomon period in Japan. But not even the Dogus themselves know! And it may be for this reason they have become intrepid adventurers.

With story and song, we accompany Mimizoku on his journey to find out the sole purpose of his existence. He meets other characters along the way, and he hears their stories.

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